The Music Journal

Updated: Feb 6

The ability for one to find one’s self is extremely hard, there are people who are well into their adult years who still question who they are. We have currently found ourselves in times of uncertainty, which naturally results in us wanting to know more about what’s going on, what the future will look like and who we are as people. I wont be able to help anyone find themselves but I think I have a way to help people have an idea. As young people , we are known for having our earphones or Air pods in our ears which has created the misconception that we are disconnected from the real world, which is something I’ve found is just that, a misconception. When we have earphones in our ears, we are connected to the real world through the medium of music. We get access different parts of the human experience by simply listening to other people’s views on life in song. Whether it is J Cole telling us a story on race and identity, Ari Lennox taking us through the different dimensions of love, Stevie Wonder reminding us to share love or even Lauryn Hill and Cleo Sol teaching us about self-worth. The music we listen to exposes a lot about ourselves and creating a music journal will give you a window into what is going on in your head, heart and soul. It could also be the closest thing to the soundtrack of your current life!

How to create the music journal:

· Get a journal/ download a journaling app/ use exam pad paper

· Write down the name of the songs you have been listening to and which album they come from, once you’ve done that write how each song makes you feel or what thoughts it provokes in you.

· If you are able to, add photos of a memory, the vibe the song gives off or how it makes you feel.

· Lastly, give your music journal a name. Preferably a name that you would name your album if you had one.

And there! You have your music journal.