Today, I will be teaching you how to meditate, yes, sounds easy, but you overlook the fact that your mind is very full, whether it be information or emotion. To understand how to meditate, it helps to understand what “makes us” meditate.

One of the strongest muscles in our bodies, our brain, is responsible for this phenomenon. We take our brain for granted. It is so powerful it literally moves mountains. To help you take into context, just look around, everything you see before you were made with the help of our brain, we simply forget the fact that it named its self.

We’re going to talk about the cerebrum, the large outer part of your brain. It controls things such as; reading, thinking, learning, speech, and emotions. It also controls vision, hearing, and other senses. Basically, our control panel. As stated above, the cerebrum controls our thoughts, and we use these thoughts to meditate. For us to meditate, it is essential to follow these steps

1. Take a seat

When choosing a place to sit, make sure it’s an undisturbed, quiet place.

2. Set a time limit

When starting off, give yourself a limit, start with 5 minutes, and gradually increase it.

3. Notice your body

Listening to your body is very important, change positions if it is uncomfortable, there is no right way to sit.

4. Feel your breath

Follow the sensation of your breath, how it flows in and out of your lungs. Do this for as long as you can keep your concentration.

5. Notice when your mind has wondered

Your mind will wander, it is inevitable, and that’s ok, just notice when it happens and go back to thinking about your breath.

6. Be kind to your mind

It is not a race, don’t scold yourself when you think about other things, just come back

7. Close with kindness

When you have completed your session, slowly look up, and just embrace your surroundings, if you happen to be outside, notice the sounds, the smells, and the lighting, if you prefer the inside, notice the textures, the warmth, and the familiarity, notice how your body feels right now, notice your thoughts and emotions.

And lastly, remember that it is all about practice, it might not come the first day or even the second, but if you follow the steps above, you will eventually succeed in calming your mind.