Fitness and Health

Exercise takes more than being physical, it depends on the attitude and mind set you have going into a workout. If you have a negative and a renounce mind set going into a workout don’t expect to get much done. Before you start a fitness journey you should start by setting yourself a couple goals that will motivate you to keep going.

Examples: Run 10km under a specific time, Get abs, Become more toned, To feel more confident, etc.

Here are a few workouts to help get you started…

Full Body Workout:

  • Plank (1 minute)

  • Spider-Man Push-Ups (x10 each arm)

  • Burpees (x10)

  • Squats (x10)

  • Wall Sits (30 seconds)

  • Tricep Dips (x10)

  • Russian Twists (30 seconds)

  • Heel Touches (30 seconds)

  • Sprints (30 seconds)


These exercises will count as one set, depending on how long you’ve been on your Fitness Journey and how fit you are is the amount of time you’ll repeat the set.